The Accidental Superpower

A contrarian assessment of American power

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Mark Suster
Mark SusterHunter@msuster · Upfront
Zeihan provides the most comprehensive overview of world topography and demographics I've seen in a modern book on world evolution. He boils down world progress to: defensible borders and a large number of rivers. River trade is 1/17th the cost of land trade so those with large rivers plus defensible borders became powerful and no political structure or ideology matters as much as natural resources. The US has > 20,000 miles of navigable rivers and no other country has more than 2,000 miles and the US is surrounded by natural defenses (two oceans) and water attacks are infinitely harder. He explores shale oil, country demographic impacts and the likely political futures based on this.
Lucas Lindsey
Lucas Lindsey@urbnist · Executive Director, Domi Station
@msuster Plus, a stable post-WWII situation for us relative to other Western economies at the time. Seems like we enjoyed many decades with a head start.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
I re-listened to The Twenty Minute VC with Mark Suster after it was posted yesterday... Kudos to @harrystebbings and also @msuster for it :) In the episode Mark mentioned that this was his favourite book at the minute and that he recommends it where he can...