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Erik Torenberg
Former Product Hunt
this is one of my favorite books ever. the principles are timeless. i find myself revisiting pages of it almost every week.
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Joshua Bretag
Founder, Blueprint Solutions
Everyone want's to be more effective, get more done, achieve more and we all complain that there is just not enough time in the day. Stephen R. Covey I think does a great job on breaking down the 7 habits that we all need to focus on to become as he says "highly effective". I have hardly been able to achieve 4 ticks in each category this year however I have already noticed a vast improvement on all areas of life thanks to this book and I think you will too. There is a reason why it is consistently a best seller for people who action it's methods.
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Adam Marx
Networking consultant and music addict
Read this in high school. Still one of the most intriguing books I've read regarding people skills and how to effectively move forward in life.
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http://imeducatingmyself.com/7-h... If you are in period of life where you question everything that you’ve learned so far, and you think that you should start working on improving yourself but not sure where to start – then I would suggest you to start with this book. We all get through that time of a life where we are not satisfied with ourselves and things that we accomplished so far, or we fell lack of accomplishments. In that case if you’re someone like me, you’ve realized that you need to acquire some new habits to fulfill that “hole” that you fell inside yourself. This book is mostly recommended to people who are interested in entrepreneurship and business; but the habits learned from this book are applicable in creating new contacts and friendships in life. No matter whether you’re dealing with someone through business or personal life, you still contact with people – and this book is a great tool in building quality relationships whether they are related to business or personal life. Also, you should continue to read many more books as well, because that way you’ll start developing yourself on a intellectual level – and that will help you with developing yourself as a whole as long as you continue to work on yourself. Self-Improvement is a long process and require a lot of dedication and work, this book is just one the good steps to start with that journey.