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Is this a serious one? Can't tell anymore. :/
@v4violetta It's definitely serious. I know posting this one April Fool's would raise some suspicions, but I'm definitely taking this as an opportunity to help give people with ideas that needed boost to get something out the door.
@scrivs That's great! And hey, you guys are so close to the top. Kudos. Funnest day to launch. :)
@v4violetta @scrivs I have been in the initial planning stages of an Idea for the last week and a half. I would love to help test this course but $79? That's a bit steep to be a tester I think
@mrjnowlin I can definitely see how price would turn some people away. However, the way I look at it is you have to see the value. If by watching me launch something from scratch going through everything from product research, to building an audience, to marketing, to design, to development, and launching helps you get your million idea off the ground, then wouldn't that be worth $79?
Hello everyone! I'm the doofus behind this experience. Last year on this date (I know, April Fool's and I wasn't laughing), I found myself without a job as the company I was working for stopped existing. This was the start of a new beginning for me as I decided I would try to start making things on my own again. Now we all know we don't like to do things alone, so I was looking for my friends and colleagues to finally start those ideas they've had in their heads for so long. I can recall at least 17 people that told me that they were finally going to start working on whatever idea they had. 0 people have launched in the past year. It makes me sad. So I figured that there was something holding them back (besides time) and I wanted to show them that with the right approach you can get something out the door. This is where the 40 Day Startup idea was born. I'll be starting completely from scratch with a new idea. From product research to design and branding to development to launch, I'll be sharing every single step of the way in an experience that I don't think I've seen anyone else do before. I love the transparency that companies like Buffer and Baremetrics provide, but I want to take it a step further and let people experience the everyday decisions that go into building a Saas product. I think it's going to be fun (and maybe a little stressful), but I do believe it will give people the boost they need to finally get those pesky ideas out of their heads and into the hands of people who have been waiting for solutions.
@scrivs Holy crap, are you the guy behind 9rules?
@stinhambo Indeed. Hi!
Yes I think it's a serious one. I think if it's done right there would be a lot of value in there for the $79
There is a podcast called 30 day startup. That guy has no startup experience at all, so you get to listen to his struggles. This is more practical. Good luck!
For the people that just missed out - what would you suggest ?