The 24-Hour Idea Validation Course

Idea validation to paying customers in 24 hours

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Love the idea, but I'd feel a lot more confident if there were some testimonials from people who'd gone through it before, or even a bit of a free sample of how the content is presented. (the TOC is good, but I dont think there's quite enough meat here to make me pull the trigger to pay.
@afhill Andrea, complete oversight on my part. Because this course is new I can't provide insight from others that have gone through it however I have put up some testimonials from current students in my other courses. The content is all video-based and you will always have access to the course materials.
@afhill @scrivs your website link is non functional.
Forgot to introduce the new course from our friendly course maker machine, @scrivs!
@mbavio Thanks for the hunt! I wanted to create this course because every day I talk to more and more people (in the 37 slacks I'm a part of...okay not that many) that have an idea, but are worried about taking the leap. Should they quit their job? Should they spend a ton of money on development? Should they sacrifice sleep? All good questions, but really none that you should have to answer until you validate your idea. Validating your idea can come in many different forms, but I wanted to show people a format that I have been using for the past two years with great success. It is what has led me to choose the courses for Makers Cabin ( along with deciding to move forward with RecapKit (, coming soon!).
Looks cool. But no validation or proof. Have you done this? Can you teach me to do this? Will it be worth it? What do I get out of it? Answer those questions for more conversions I think.
@joshdance Hi, Joshua. Excellent questions! I think what you'll find in this course that you won't find in others that are similar is that I provide actionable steps that you can follow. Theory is good, but it is really only valuable when you can back it up with some action. I think the ability to try out multiple ideas without too much financial risk or time-wasting is extremely invaluable.
can you provide a list of any products that have come out of your course that were successful? that seems to be a missing and vital bit of information.
@passingnotes Hi David, indeed you are correct. Ridiculous oversight on my part. Every course/school that I create for Makers Cabin ( has gone through this in some way and the most recent example is my latest startup, RecapKit ( I'm also using it as part of my 6 Startups in 6 Months project to avoid any missteps.
@scrivs thanks - anybody besides yourself who could be added to the list, or is this you packaging what you've leaned?
@passingnotes This is me putting together everything I've learned and sharing it with you. Other members of the 40 Day Startup have followed some of the steps to great success. The most recent being Outfitr (
I feel like this course can provide real value considering the topics that it covers. I have to ask, though: which ideas have you validated using your method?