The 2018 Digital Wellbeing Advent Calendar

24 days of strategies on how to live well with technology

For the 24 days up to Christmas, learn new positive strategies on how to live well with the web, social media and your smartphone.

Including tips and tricks ranging from ‘Stop binging on Netflix’ and ‘Taking control of Facebook’ to ‘Improving your sleep hygiene’ and ‘Mindfully staying up-to-date with the news’.

Danielle Johnson
Nicholas Holmes
Bhavesh Mistry
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  • Danielle Johnson
    Danielle JohnsonLeave Me Alone | Squarecat

    Beautiful design, CHRISTMAS IS COMING! 🎄



    As a digital nomad I don't have an advent calendar ☹️so this is the perfect alternative with something much more rewarding than chocolate behind each door

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🎄🤶🎅 Thanks @bentossell for hunting! We're sharing a selection of practical strategies to live better with the web, social media and your smartphone. Perfect for makers who want to get more done when they are in the mood to work and less done when they want to relax. Ho, ho, ho! Merry Xmas everyone!
Love this, amazing work - and beautiful design. Great work Fraser!
Thanks @sam_piggott, that's kind of you to say!
This is so cool Fraser! I really feel like there's a movement towards mindful tech, both how do we do this as consumers and how do we create products that promote healthy habits? I'm enjoying this so far and very happy to have this as my far more healthy advent calendar this year.
@fraserdeans Awesome project. The tips are so helpful and thorough. Nice work! 💚