The 1k Project

Supporting families through this pandemic with$1k/mo for 3mo

Helping those who need it most - Directly. The 1k Project uses personal networks to directly match a family impacted by the pandemic with a family committed to giving them $1k for 3 months.
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Hey Product Hunt, excited to have The $1k Project on here today. We started The $1k Project just two weeks ago with an amazing team of 30 volunteers. Today, we've funded 70 families across 31 states. Our mission is to connect families impacted by this pandemic with sponsors who commit to giving them $1k a month for 3 months as a bridge before more assistance gets to them. We are thrilled to launch on Product Hunt and to open up to a broader community. Nominate families who need help in your community at and share the message.
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@alexiskold Hi Alex, first of all thanks for your contribution to the community. I am documenting journey of makers, creators, entrepreneurs through out the world. The goal is to do a short interview, capture it in video, and let it out to the world, so that others can get inspiration. And also to get an acknowledgement, for you, and for your hustle. I would like to request you to send me you availability for short interview if you are interested at tellmeaboutit510{at} . Thanks, and good luck! Subodh
Great project with direct impact
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This is an astounding effort, and directly helping the people who most need it. Thank you, Alex!
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Alex - congratulations on launching such a relevant initiative!
Happy to be part of the project and helping those who have been affected by this pandemic in a meaningful way! On our way to expand the reach even further 🚀