The $100 Startup

Reinvent the way you make a living, do what you love

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Few books have shaped my life as much as this book. Super recommended read to anyone who wants to create a passive income.
I can't remember when I picked this up, but I've got this book on my shelf... I've tried reading it a few times but never really got into it. What's the core learning I could take away from this book?
@rossdcurrie Here's a summary that @chrisguillebeau wrote for AMEX: Here's another one from @actionablebooks that I thought captured it well: One more for good measure (because who doesn't love @getrichslowly?): If I had to summarize, it would be 1) passion must be coupled with skills to deliver results, 2) connect with people to find out what they want because they are your prospects, and 3) get to a minimum viable product fast and iterate-- design, pricing, communications, all of it can improve over time... but it isn't a something until someone has bought it.