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Barth Picq
Barth PicqMaker@barthpicq · Co-founder, Castr / The 100 Experiment
Hi PH community, and thank you @petkoan for the hunt. I'm Barth, co-founder of The 100 Experiment here. So, here's the problem we want to address: On popular platforms like 9gag or Imgur, users submit content that is rated based on its interest to the viewers. It gives good results, but the original poster often stays invisible, and is left uncredited for his content. He cannot be recognized for his posting style or theme, or create a community of people that want more of what he's creating. Our solution: We want The 100 Experiment to be a ranking of the best content makers and curators on the Internet. These are the people that are consistently interesting, creative, renewing themselves. The 100 is a way to give them the credit they deserve, to put them forward. How it works: Anybody can post stuff, about anything. This stuff is rated by the community, up or down, giving each content creator a total score (the addition of every post score). Everybody is then ranked based on this overall score. The top 100 users on the platform get to be on the front page ("The 100"). The rest stay in "The World". Basically, users don't rate content, but authors. As stated, this is really just an experiment. What we really want to discover is: what/who is really interesting? Will the people from The 100 just be those who went for the cheapest, easiest clickbait content (fail videos, cute kittens...)? Or will the voters, tired of always seeing the same things from the same people, start downvoting them and upvoting the real, insighful content creators? And if so, what will be promoted? Artistic content? Political? Music? Anyhow, this will probably be fascinating to watch - Sorry for the long explanation...
PetkoHunter@petkoan ·
The 100 Experiment has come up with a way to reward the people on the Internet who produce & share great content that helps us procrastinate endlessly.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@barthpicq neat idea but I'm confused when I look at the site. I see TV shows, GIFs, videos, and other "things" not people. I thought this was about finding amazing content creators.
Barth Picq
Barth PicqMaker@barthpicq · Co-founder, Castr / The 100 Experiment
@rrhoover Hi Ryan. Good point, you are actually very right: "people" is a bit of a shortcut, since it can include any kind of entity that posts about a specific theme. That wording needs to evolve :)
Paul M Boyce
Paul M Boyce@paulmboyce · coFounder &CEO
@rrhoover - agree. neat idea - top 100 people. but top 100 of anything? eek. castr/100 guys - you need to get clear on this. what do he makers say?
Barth Picq
Barth PicqMaker@barthpicq · Co-founder, Castr / The 100 Experiment
@paulmboyce Hi Paul. I'm not really sure what you mean?