The 1-Hour UI Audit

Free course on UI/UX design strategy for SaaS founders

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Hello my dear friends, and thank you Charlie! Thrilled to see this course on Product Hunt. Hope it helps founders solve their big expensive UI/UX problems! It should also be interesting for designers and product managers who want to become indispensable for their decision-making skills. Design is always a big pain for any SaaS business. Good UI is obviously important, but it never gets enough love and attention. Like the sword of Damocles, UI issues keep hanging over your head (while you keep losing customers). With this course, you can start improving your product today by applying basic principles yourself — and not wait for that big looming “redesign” moment. As a UI/UX consultant, I’ve been helping software businesses for many years, and know what problems and decisions you face daily. This free course should definitely take some stress off your shoulders (and save you some money). No one else will take important design decisions for you — it’s tough, but it’s also one of the biggest perks of being a founder. Please enjoy the course, and let me know if you have any questions!
Not a SaaS founder, but will be taking this course's Jane Portman. :)
@el_steele Thank you Michael, made my day :)
I've been following Jane for a while now and I never get enough of her UI/UX advice. She's one of the best in this game, I trust her advice completely. Jane, I'm curious though -- What's the #1 mistake SaaS founders make when it comes to UI/UX?
@mojcamars Thank you Mojca! The #1 mistake is definitely cramming in more content/features than needed. Any software product has a learning curve, but it's especially steep when the user is overwhelmed. I'm really, really standing for simple software — it's easy to build, use, and support. But you need a strategy to decide what exactly deserves to stay!
This is exactly what we need (can't wait to dive into this weekend) but I didn't even know how to ask for it! Thank you so much Jane!
@etanrbf I'm very glad Etan, thank you! Indeed, there's a ton of interesting problems in the intersection of UI/UX and product design.
Couples well with and <---- very useful.