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#2 Product of the DayApril 06, 2019
Thaw is an app that uses mutual interests to connect people looking to make friends nearby. Think of it like Tinder for friends, with an emphasis on creating features that help facilitate real-life connections (beyond simply matching).
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Hey Product Hunt, We're excited to share Thaw with you! It can be hard as hell to make new friends as an adult, and we're trying to change that. There are other friend-matching platforms out there, but we don't think they've nailed it yet. Here are some ways we're trying to with Thaw: - Match with anyone, not just your own gender identity. - Match based on mutual interests (or dislikes), not just age/proximity. - Broadcasts to help you to find spontaneous activity partners from within your matches. - Photo sets to learn more about your matches' interests. - Bio helper for when your creative juices aren't flowing and you could use a hand writing your bio. We're iOS-only for now - with Android in the works! - and available anywhere in the US, but focused on growing in Seattle. A big thanks in advance if you download Thaw outside of Seattle and are an early user wherever you are! Would love to hear your thoughts/feedback and answer any questions :)
@naterankin love ideas like these! working on something similar and wish you all the best of luck! we need more stuff like this!
@edisonjoao6871 Thanks, and likewise! Keep me posted on your progress, I'd love to check out what you're working on.
@naterankin of course. Don't listen to people that say why we need this, oh there's already this, bla bla bla. Keep going!
Not available in Canada :(
@torchstephen Currently just available in the US, but hoping to expand in the not-too-distant future! Thanks for checking us out, though :)
Care to share tech stack? 😊
Looks good (I'm an android user). How many interests do you provide in the app ? Can I create some custom ones ?
@imed_gh Thanks! Looking forward to getting Thaw out on Android soon! Right now we have ~130 interests to choose from, and more on the way. Users are able to request new interests, and we add them based on demand. Off the top of my head I'd say the most requested interest has been Pokémon Go - it's been really fun (and helpful!) to see which interests users would like to see in Thaw :)
@naterankin okay, good to know. I myself would like 2 types of interest : [ anime/movie/manga.. ] and [ productivity tips and apps ]
@imed_gh Duly noted! Anime is already an interest - we had lots of requests for that, too - but I'll add the others to the requested list.

Really cool idea. Hope it grows!


Intuitive UI Easy sign-up LOTS of interests


small userbase (for now?)