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Man that's awesome. Pretty lulz. What did you guys build it on?
@gmacdoo Thanks dude! So apart from the Twitter API and the Acapela Text-to-speech API, we built it on PlayCanvas ( where you can develop interactive web content which is powered by HTML5 and WebGL. Meaning anyone can access it through just a link!
We built Frazy Fallon for a simple reason: to get in front of Jimmy Fallon. Two weeks ago he said our name on TV and since then our little world has been turned upside down, in the best possible way. We want to pitch building a game with him, to say thank you. Thanks to Twitter and Acapela’s text-to-speech API, we bring you a Jimmy avatar that reads your frazy (that’s f**king crazy) tweets, and sometimes acts out the moves. And it really shows the potential of web apps that work on any platform, without the need of a download. Simply tweet any crazy thing to @FrazyFallon and watch him recite it live on You can read our full story on why we did this here:!frazyfallon/c1djs Would be very grateful to hear your thoughts and take any questions. Team Frazy + the goat.
That's pretty funny! How do you guys list the tweets? What's the order?
@ayaa112 Thanks for your question Aya! The algorithm we have combs out any duplicates or numerous re-tweets. We are using the Twitter Search API requesting the 100 tweets that match our criteria. The order is mixed (popular / recent) but also abides to the chronological order of when it was tweeted. :)
UPDATE: Thanks to all of you wonderful people and Product Hunt, we really got "Frazy Fallon" out there yesterday. 🙆 Seems it reached all the way to the studio. Last night I received a call from the NBC team and we had a long chat. Our objective was for them to know that there is a company based in London called Frazy, with a team who is pretty frazy about building games. And now they do! Turns out the NBC doesn't currently have the appetite to embark on a project with the word Frazy, but we think Jimmy will stick with it. Therefore, we decided to pivot. 🙏 People liked Frazy Fallon because it was a platform where a funny avatar and a goat recited a stream of funny tweets from all around the world. So instead of focusing on Jimmy Fallon's tweets, we opened it up to anyone, anywhere, and have now turned it into The impeccably-dressed Bobby, and his loyal friend, Frazy Goat, read out any tweets using #thatsfrazy. You can sit, watch and interact by tweeting with #thatsfrazy and #frazygoat (we couldn't leave him out) It's like a new TV channel, the first of it's kind. It's the new way of consuming and engaging with Twitter content. Hope you like it! Team Frazy + the Goat
@ayaa112 we are still tweaking it as it grows! :)