That Sound That Day

Capture your priceless moment in sound

Capture your priceless moment in sound, whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary, the celebration of accomplishments or life-changing events. 

Design your own 18”x24” wall art that visualizes your priceless moment. We print, you frame and pin it up on your wall or gift it to your loved one.

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Amazing ! When we get our paint, can we scan it with our phone, to play the sound ?
@thilawfab That scan to play sound is coming next (we are developing that next upgrade now). But you can get a printed poster now for 30%off (from $80). Thank you so much for interested in our product! Glad to hear a feedback from you!
@thilawfab Thank you very much for interested in this project :)
I love this idea of turning sound into art @vasinl @jomjom, how does it work?
@vasinl @abadesi Thank you! We render the wave lines from the data we get from the audio file, then we use our algorithm that we specifically design to render this wave data into this aesthetic style. :D So It is accurate while still also artistically beautiful!
@jomjom @abadesi Thanks, Abadesi. I'm really into Generative Art right now. I have a background in sound engineering, and web dev + some interest in web audio API. This project is started as an experimental project. The first question that came to our mind is how far can we go from a regular waveform and still keep the sense of aesthetic? When thinking of soundwave we always see a waveform like we've seen before... I want to have another way to represent this waveform in a totally different direction and perspective. Please let me know your feedback :) Thanks again for interested in this Cheers,
Love this @jomjom!! One of the Synesthesia variations I have is Tone-to-Color. It's super cool to see that audio to visual relationship explored in a relevant and really accessible new way 😍
@grlalx Thank you! Yes! Synesthesia is amazing and has many variations. I am glad you appreciate the visualization of the sound that we were trying to achieve. Thank you for your interests and feedback. This means a lot especially hearing about synesthesia. :D
@jomjom of course!!! bunch of my art in college was exploring this -- let me know if you guys ever do music!
@grlalx Awesome! Let's stay in touch. Music had long been a part of our lifestyle, that is why I am interested in creating this into visual art (My background is an architect and designer, so pretty visual person in a way). I play bass and guitar! My husband is a musician. haha. That is also why I am so passionate about connecting visual and sound together.
@jomjom @grlalx Do you have any other features you think we should add?

I've seen one of the first few made by them. Very cool yet meaningful and personal.




none so far

@Tao Zhang Thank you very much!!! I am glad to get you to see it. Thank you for your feedback and appreciation! This means a lot!
this is beautiful
@tzhongg Thank you very much! We are so happy that you like it. :D
@tzhongg thank you ☺️☺️☺️