The best way to create beautiful meal plans, help your clients achieve success and grow your wellness business.

Hi Product Hunters! I'm super excited about our new membership, That Clean Life for Business. That Clean Life is a meal planning platform that makes eating healthy simple and fun. Over the last year we have been focused on helping individuals but we realized the platform had a lot of potential to help wellness professionals like Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Dieticians and Health Coaches. So we've added a new set of powerful features that allow wellness professionals to upload their logo and easily generate beautiful, branded meal plans for their clients. Based on what they add to the meal plan, the grocery list is automatically generated and itemized, saving them a ton of time. The user can generate high quality programs that contain a meal plan, grocery list and all corresponding recipes. They can either email them directly to their client within the platform or export it as a PDF. They have access to a gallery of over 300 recipes as well as the ability to add their own. There's a full list of the available features here: Happy to answer any questions!