Automagically send hand written cards

Thanks for all the comments. As Tom just noted we recently launched on Zapier, which makes it really easy to automate card sending with your favorite CRM, marketing automation, lead gen, and other tools. Use promo code producthunt20 to get the first 20 cards free that you send with a Zapier integration. Thanks again!
@paulgellertweet Do you offer custom cards? Suppose a company wanted to put their logo or image on the front of the card to customize even further? (I'm not sure if the cards are preprinted or printed on demand.) I'm thinking a company could also send a custom image, based on the product the customer purchased, and inside — after the thank you message — there would be a PS: take an additional 15% off using this product code TKU15. This could help track the ROI on the cards and offset the cost by bringing customers back for additional purchases.
@stephenchip Shoot, sorry, looks like I did not respond to this...We do offer custom cards and can do those other things you mention too. Let me know if you'd like to pick this up again.
This is very cool, especially for someone like me with awful handwriting. It would be interesting if they started to crowdsource this - like an ODesk for Cards. Freelancers could make some cash, and recipients could receive their cards quicker and possibly postmarked from somewhere near the sender so it looks authentic.
Interesting. I'm just happy to see that users actually have to write the message of the cards themselves. Or else it would be too much like @MGSiegler's bots-thanking-bots. (