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Hey Everyone! I'd love to answer any questions you may have about Thankbot and hear all your feedback. We're looking to re-invent the way people handle customer service and direct mail advertising. You simply fill out a note and we'll get it in the mail within 3 days. We'll even use your own stationary or include drop-ins (business cards, coupons, gift cards, etc) for free. We've set up a promo code for hunters - use "PRODUCTHUNT" for 15% off your note package. You'll also receive a free credit with registration.
@keimcee How many employees do you have handwriting these letters? Do the devs get in on it too?
@scorinth @keimcee If you have sexy handwriting, you're in on it. Jk. We have about 6 "scribes" at the moment and have vetted others in the case we need to scale quickly. Since getting hunted, we're actually getting more inquiries directly through e-mail and are for notes over an extended amount of time vs. to be sent out right this second.
Can't believe no one has mentioned "Her" yet! Get that this is different in that you still write the message, but still. I keep a collection of old fashioned cards and envelopes for me for exactly the reason that Thankbot is saying to use their service. Handwritten notes definitely go a long way. I do think that showing people a side of yourself with your handwriting is part of the meaning behind it, but definitely can see a value in this. Interested to see where this goes and if they do go the "Her" route!
This is very cool. I remember how long it took to write out thank you notes for weddings. You should attack that market! I would have paid for this. Great work!
Awesome idea! My handwriting is borderline offensive so I'd definitely pay a few bucks to have cards written and sent for me.
@caroline this is great! I've been looking for a service that supports Canada. Do you?
@alexputici We do! There will be a small upcharge for international letters to cover the postage, but we'd be more than happy to help. Please e-mail us at Thank you!