Discover all the beautiful Coffee Shops around you

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TH3RD WAVE is a beautiful App for beautiful Coffee Shop to be found.

Discover hidden spots and stay up-to-date with all the new Coffee Shops in Montreal.

Join a community of coffee lovers.

Made with love in Montréal.


Stefano J. Attardi
Michael Riddering
Tomas Chevez
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  • Stefano J. Attardi
    Stefano J. AttardiDesigner/developer. Ex Facebook.

    - Good idea, I need this app


    - Requires sign up

    - Requires you turn on location and notifications!

    - Plays a full screen video with sound on launch

    - Canada only

    Terrible new user experience. Had to sign up, enable notifications (!), and skip through a video only to find out it's only available in a handful of cities in Canada.

    Stefano J. Attardi has used this product for one day.
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Tomas Chevez
Tomas ChevezHunter@tomas_chevez
We've been working on crafting the most beautiful repertoire for Coffee Shops in Montreal. We are about to ship it to all Canada and the U.S. afterwards. This App is 100% free and made with love.
Charles Vinette
Charles Vinette@charlesvinette · Founder, @appandflow
Glad we're sharing this on PH! Hopefully it helps some folks in Montreal drink better coffee :)