Discover all the beautiful Coffee Shops around you

TH3RD WAVE is a beautiful App for beautiful Coffee Shop to be found.

Discover hidden spots and stay up-to-date with all the new Coffee Shops in Montreal.

Join a community of coffee lovers.

Made with love in Montréal.


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5 Reviews2.5/5
We've been working on crafting the most beautiful repertoire for Coffee Shops in Montreal. We are about to ship it to all Canada and the U.S. afterwards. This App is 100% free and made with love.
Stefano J. AttardiDesigner/developer. Ex Facebook.

Terrible new user experience. Had to sign up, enable notifications (!), and skip through a video only to find out it's only available in a handful of cities in Canada.


- Good idea, I need this app


- Requires sign up

- Requires you turn on location and notifications!

- Plays a full screen video with sound on launch

- Canada only

Stefan Wirth
Async Potato Farmer 24/7
There is a small button at the bottom that lets you skip the login, but easy to miss. Thought the same till i found it :)
Thank you so much for your FEED-BACK Stefano. This is exactly what we wanted to hear. Salty and constructive comments
Charles VinetteFounder, @appandflow
Glad we're sharing this on PH! Hopefully it helps some folks in Montreal drink better coffee :)