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#5 Product of the DayJuly 28, 2018

TgGram is blog platform for Telegram.

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Вадим Кулибаба
Вадим КулибабаMaker@new_user_cea3179d61 · Vadim, I like to reinvent the wheel
tggram: the good, the bad and the ugly The good - It's easy. Don't need password or registration. Just open telegrambot and start typing. The bot will create blog for you with, like this: You may send an image or short video, edit post - and it will be updated in real time. Bot have some commands for advanced users: - Create blog for telegram channel It's simple, just add the bot to your public channel, **as administrator**, with minimal rights - and it's done! Write something to channel, and you blog - will be created. After first post bot will try to import some history messages from channel. Examples: and 4000 blogs more. Catch more examples here: Your blog will have: - rss feed - sitemap - comments - sharing - info (from the description) and so on (ability to add yandex metrics counter or validate domain) If you have questions - feel free to reach me here: The bad - blogfatherbot work as is, I don't have time now to develop custom css for your site, i don't sell custom domains and so on. Sorry about that. - Music and films can't be uploaded. That's not free filestorage - Seo. All sites have rss/sitemap and pinged to [google]( But that's all. Seo does not work like this. Without backlinks and real users, you don't catch traffic from search engines. You may catch real stats here . The ugly Tggram is free and serves millions of posts from thousands of channels from 10.2017. But good channels have personal full-featured sites. So, 99% of my clients are spam, porno and illegal content. I'm spending a lot of time to support/moderate and abuse reports And i see only one solution - I have plans to make it paid, without the free plan. Now i develop new, full-featured blog platform with the ability to write posts directly from web, with comments, following, favorites, API, and so on. Then i finish it - tggram will be rebranded to typegram and will become paid service. Sorry about that. So, if you looking for free solution - take a look on for example. But, if you are interested in tggram, you are welcome to subscribe via ship to my outgoing product: typegram - This is a zen blog platform that will replace tggram
Rudy Lee
Rudy Lee@rlvl · Creator of Kydy, Co-Founder of VREX LAB
@new_user_cea3179d61 Good luck with the updates! Looks interesting
Вадим Кулибаба
Вадим КулибабаMaker@new_user_cea3179d61 · Vadim, I like to reinvent the wheel
@rlvl thank you!
Smarani Ch
Smarani Ch@smaranich · Sales Executive
Blogging is so much easier with the help of this platform. Encourages me to write more blogs. Great idea.
Ankita Tibrewall
Ankita Tibrewall@ankitatibrewall · Software Engineer
Interesting platform. Telegram usage would increase definitely. Keep up the work.