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I have no faith in this project to produce a successful board. Couple reasons for this: 1) The KS project goes into no depth about the people working on this project. What are the creators' qualifications? The people who built the Boosted Board are people who went to Stanford Graduate School for mechanical engineering and even their company has had an immensely difficult time making a solid board. I don't feel comfortable throwing away over $1K without knowing who is involved in the project. 2) The KS project gives very few details about the mechanical and electrical components on the board. For example, there are no details given about the battery and there are no detailed photos of the prototype board, battery, or remote control. There's no video of a working prototype. This board looks like vaporware at the moment. Overall, this project looks very suspicious. Even if the single motor on the board does generate 2000W as advertised, it's a single-wheel drive board. This configuration will make it very difficult to accelerate or decelerate as all of that power will have to go through the single wheel with the motor. The other three wheels will generate zero acceleration or braking power. This issue is compounded when the rider is accelerating or braking in a turn which takes weight off of the powered wheel. I would definitely not back this project or purchase a board until a production board has been released and thoroughly tested by other consumers.
@magnuson Kickstarter ought to implement something like a "confidence" metric based on stuff like this - really solid insight.
@magnuson @dathowitzer We really thank your comments, we take care about the trust in our customers, indeed we think that we have to show more about our product, like the prototype and some testing. Now you can see a gallery of the product prototype, but we still working in giving more technical information for our special backers. We will add our section of "about us" so you can see that we are prepared people that know what we are doing. We are engineers in Mechatronics and Mecanics, from the best university of Mexico, Tecnológico de Monterrey. We also have studied in other countries like US, Spain and France, and worked in some great industries of the automotive industry like LUK, Johnson Controls, Volkswagen and others more. About the motor, we use a 2000W motor so you can get our top speed of 30km/h with our gear box system, we have to say that it's not like a car, the acceleration and deceleration doesn't behave the same because it's a small vehicle, the principle can be similar but not the same, all the weight distribution depends on the user and this is when the fun begins, although, it can be configured up to 2 dual motors but we take the decision of using one single motor to make the board affordable with the maximum efficiency, other similar boards can cost almost $2k, you can make some research an verify this. Thanks you again for your feedback and any doubt or question we are really pleased to answer it!
I'm admittedly terrible at longboarding / skateboarding but I feel like the giant wheels and fact that you can strap into this board might actually make this feasible for me!