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Thanks John! Leo here, co-founder of Texty. We created Texty because we want to make sharing photos and stories at events as simple as possible. Feel free to AMA!
Makers: @madspacer + @coolkdosh Texty allows you and your friends to create a private photo stream that lives on a custom webpage, all by texting your photos to a specific phone number. You know when you want to create a photo album together with your friends? This is the product for that, and you don't need to download an app to use it. I was at Afropunk over the weekend, a music festival in Brooklyn, and my friends were taking photos throughout the event. Together, we only ended up posting 1-2 photos to Instagram, each. I wanted to see all the other photos to relive the experience! That's where Texty fits nicely. You simply go their site on your phone. Title your album. Add your name. Type in your phone number. Press "Create". Now, your album will live on a private webpage. Next, you will receive a text from Texty with a custom URL to confirm your album page is ready. Reply to the text message with your photos to start seeing them in the album. The best part is getting your friends to collaborate on the album! You then have a private photo stream with all the photos from a shared experience. No app, no login.
An idea whose time has come, a shared photo album with multiple contributors. Nice!
@assistancelist Thanks! Upvote like you'ver never upvoted! :)
Wow. That was exhilarating! Thanks for the ride + the support. Friends and family that voted - thank you! Product Hunt (@johnexley), thanks for featuring us. We got some leads from it and great feedback. Texty will be everywhere soon!