The "Netflix of Magazines" app

Texture is a digital magazine distributor for online magazines. 📰

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I used to love magazines! Had a few subscriptions and used to read them all the time. Sadly I think the increased use of Social Media (for me) has replaced Mag reading. I do like when I'm in a waiting room or coffee shop and there is a cool magazine I can have a flick through. For me, a Magazine needs to be a physical thing and I suppose its like the rare physical book I pick up as opposed to reading via my phone. It's like a special occasion then and gives a different experience. That being said, I know that lots of people are magazine buffs and read them religiously, this could definitely be a great solution to reading on the go.
@bentossell well crafted and designed magazines are a joy to flip through indeed.
@edtoh @bentossell for 30 seconds until you realize your phone is more exciting again
When you live abroad, you can't get your usual magazines. Hope this will help!
how do you position yourself in light of Issuu?
I have been using this for quite a while here in Canada as they recently rebranded. It works really well and they have lots of titles for any interest.
What differentiates this from zite & flipboard?
@preetnation I don't think that flipboard is a literal representation of the magazines, right? it just has certain articles as far as I know.
@_jacksmith correct you are. I'm with @bentossell and so are a lot of people I know, magazines are something that I enjoy being actual physical items. Could see this being a hit with travelers though!