Interactive X linux desktop rendered to ASCII

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And somebody hunted this?
@frassmith yeh, I did.
@frassmith Well, given the bandwidth limits of the great firewall of China, this might come in handy to you if you ever want to VNC across the China border :P
😻😻😻been playing with libcaca for related inspo
/me likey. I saw the video, and It's really hard to read text, but as a Geek, I really like that it's now possible and easy to use a low bandwidth VNC. On this same topic, @bentossel: you might want to hunt this as well: http://guacamole.incubator.apach... I saw it on HackerNews a couple of days ago (the project itself might be older, but I love that they removed the need for a client of any sort. The video/demo is also quite impressive)
holy crap, this is nuts. if only we would have had this in the early 90's :)