Text from your computer for free

Sync your Android phone's texting app with Textto and text from your computer for free!

Textto features rich emoji support, picture messaging, group conversations, themes and more! Best of all, you can keep your favorite texting app on your phone!

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This looks great! Been looking for a MightyText alternative for ever. Any thoughts on a Chrome extension/Gmail add-on?
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@chrisbuttenham Thanks! I don't think there will be a chrome extension released. There are native desktop applications for Windows and Mac coming out though!
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@hudclark darn, would really love to have the ability answer texts in the same place I'm answering emails
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Thanks for hunting @hudclark could you please tell us more about Textto? I was wondering if you were inspired by the iMessage app on Macs 🍏
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@abadesi absolutely! I've always been a bit jealous of iMessage, and before I made Textto i used a similar app for Android. However, this app got to be too expensive so I set out to make my own. It's a year and a half later now and my primary inspiration for Textto is simply to add the features I would like as a user - like a dark theme and emoji searching! I've had a lot of fun building this app and am looking forward to adding more useful and fun features.
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Was looking for just the thing, when will the desktop application be ready as that will make it perfect?.
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@itsnblackburn the desktop application for Windows should be out in around a week. I've already got a few people on a Beta version, and just need to tie some loose ends before it is released!
@hudclark Nice, looking forward to it.
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how does this compare with pushbullet?
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@andrew_harlow Textto is free 😀. We also have native desktop apps for Windows and Mac in the works, themes, emoji searching and more!
Great job!! Will try it out 😊
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