Web application for text based stand-ups

Text standup is a web application for text based stand ups. It aims to solve the problems of the traditional format of the meeting.
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Hey PH, Deyan from Textstandup here. I would like to share with you a side project on which I have been working during the past few months. It is a web application for text based stand-ups. You can read more about the motivation behind it here - https://medium.com/@ddobrinov/te.... I'd love to get some feedback and I am happy to answer questions!
Page doesn’t exist : 404
Hey, @maciej_czekala! Which one? The URL of the website? Just tried it and it works for me. Could you give me more information on what did not work for you? Thanks!
Hi, this link: https://medium.com/@ddobrinov/te.... Which is in your description. I still get 404
@maciej_czekala Strange... Even the link which you pasted works for me. The post is also available below the description in the "AROUND THE WEB" section. Could you check if you can open it from there?
@maciej_czekala @deyan_dobrinov1 Worked for me on both links and i also wondered if needed to be signed in to Medium to access but also worked on incognito; try refreshing deleting your cache and loading the page?
No idea why it is not working for me. I’m on iOS maybe that’s the problem.. but if it works for everyone else than all is good :) . Good luck.