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Hi Guys Just some highlight about textografo. Textografo is an online diagramming tool which generates diagrams from text and allows to present them through a one click animation. Existing tools require a lot of time for creating diagrams as you need to position, format and connect shapes. Presenting a diagram is sometime a pain as the full process comes all at once making it difficult to present and to understand. Textografo generates professional looking diagrams automatically from structured text and therefore reduces drastically the time for doing it. In one click on the Play button, the diagram is then displayed step by step making it very easy to present and comment to your audience. Here is what one of our user told about textografo: "...i was able to do this entire diagram in 20 minutes or so after only a couple of "play" diagrams to get the hang of it. not only did your app save me a ton of time, it is easily changeable, looks amazing and will definitely score me some points with my boss!" Getting this comment means a lot for us. And we hope that you guys at Product Hunt will enjoy as well textografo. Have a great diagramming time! :-)
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I checked this product last Monday, and tomorrow will present stuning diagrams ^^ I really love this product. I tried some others in the past like Lucidchart, draw.io, ... This one is very simple and straightforward because: - No drawing, just type your process, - You do not have tons of shapes, arrows, styles, That's why it is very powerful in my opinion. Because you will focus on what is important: diagraming you process. With other tools proposing too many options and customization, I always ended up loosing time tweaking and designing my diagrams. That one proposes nice color themes and the automatic layout works very well. The synthax is very easy to learn, diagram animation is great for presentations, JPEG exports are perfect (had some problems with draw.io). Many thanks Julien for this great tool :-)
@benjari Hey Benjamin - Quite late answer. I didn't saw your comment! Thanks for it and hope you will get some good benefits with textografo! Cheers
Thanks for hunting Nicolas! :)
Hey @andrieuju, how does this compare to Omnigraffle? I use that quite frequently. Is the focus of this that it generates diagrams automatically?
@lipmanb Hi Brandon - Yes the focus is to create flowcharts (and soon other type of diagrams) faster than with other tool as you just have to type text and the diagram is generated for you automatically. You also a Play feature that allows to display it step by step, making it straightforward to present to your audience. You can do a lot with Omnigraffle. I'm not an expert but for it is for me much more manual with the up and downside of it. So basically if you want to go fast defining a process flow (or similar diagram) I would recommend you textografo. If you want to design highly customs (infographic, non linear flow...), I would advice to go to Omnigraffle. Hope that help. Cheers