TextMe Up

Manage multiple phone numbers, from one device

Finally smart numbers for smartphones.

With TextMe Up, your phone service works just like your email. You’re free to call or text anyone in the world, even if they’re not TextMe Up users. You can also create multiple numbers and manage them from one account.

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are these real numbers or the (twillio) api - blocked by most sms verification - numbers?
@imrat Great question. We are using several providers depending of the country. In the US our numbers are supported by most of the SMS verification systems.
@grego I just tried to confirm this by using a UK number provided by your app to activate a telegram account. Didn't work - no Sks received and also no call received. Any idea why this may be? I tested with my own phones SMS and that was flawless and super fast.
@imrat Thanks. We'll investigate.
This app lets you create multiple phone numbers to call and text anyone in the world, even if they are not using the app. Your multiple numbers can be managed from one account and updated or deleted as needed.
I just love that you can get multiple phone numbers on the same phone. so convenient for work.
@olofster Thanks Olof. Glad you like it ;)
Interesting product ;-). Is MMS supported?
@gregcohn We are starting to rollout MMS support on our US numbers. This feature is Free ;-)
Can I post in or port out ?
@haseeb Port In: Something we are considering. Port Out: It depends of the country/provider.