Send customers a SMS w/ tap-friendly business contact info

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Hey guys! Built this for myself to use on a few sites and figured to open it up after I got a bunch of requests from friends to use it. I think it's pretty cool because it's one of those products that are useful on both ends: customers like the tap-friendly address that opens their maps app, and the businesses like to capture cell # leads and see what pages are converting (all of that is available in reporting). Anyway, let me know if you have any questions or comments!
@terrygseo Awesome simple product Terry! Any thoughts on expanding this service outside the USA? What API's are you currently using to make this happen?
@goelv Thanks! I can easily 'flip the switch' on other countries, I just haven't written the regex to validate the phone numbers yet. There are no restrictions or limitations other than interest from folks at this point. In terms of API's, just one single SMS messaging api, it's a real lean project.
Terry, I really like simple, but useful, ideas like this for SMBs. I'd love to talk to you offline about it.
Is there V Card functionality? I've been thinking recently that Brands should be doing their best to get users to store Brand contact info in their phones such that the next hot social mobile app that uses address book for friend finding would get these brands followers/friends etc from day 1.
@sammybauch Not yet, but could be easily added.
Awesome work Terry, this is super simple but can help nearly any business.
@antbs Thanks friend! And I agree. It's a pretty cool little utility. Just wait until the rest of the features are live ;)
Great product! But one little change I would make is to add an to show a numeric keyboard in iOS at least. Here's a couple examples: http://stackoverflow.com/questio...
@optiquest21 whoops it removed the input = "tel" tag
@optiquest21 DONE, pushed that out a few mins ago. Thanks for the recommendation!