Protect your content with an invisible, trackable watermark.

textmark has developed a proprietar⁡y⁣ ⁢t⁣e⁠c⁢h⁣n⁠o⁠l⁠o⁢g⁠y⁢ ⁠t⁠h⁣a⁢t⁠ ⁣l⁢e⁣t⁢s⁢ ⁢y⁠o⁠u⁣ ⁡embed an invisible and trackable watermark in your valuable content like:

- emails

- blog & social media posts

- word & google docs

- web pages

There's finally a way to protect your valuable content!

Try it: copy & paste this description at textmark.io

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Hi Titus I tried this with the copy from your own site, no text mark found...?!?!? Could you give a bit more context the homepage is fairly light on info, thank you
@sam_cholera It only works on the entire text and not on parts. I tried it with the Medium demo.
@sam_cholera Thanks Sam! We have not textmarked content on our site since it has very little content but good idea :) We are posting a video in the next few days so stay tuned. Thanks for trying it out!
@sam_cholera @subhashinim it depends on how secure you want the document. We only did stage 1 security on the demo documents on our site but you can do much higher levels of protection if you like. For large pieces of content you can either protect the parts that are most valuable or do a high level of protection across the entire document.
@sam_cholera just for fun we added an easter egg on our twitter profile description :) thanks for the inspiration!
@titusblair Thanks for the clarification
Great !! Hope it works with Quora , Wordpress blog post?
@ayush_chandra we just added Quora and Wordpress examples on the home page :) https://textmark.io/ thanks for the question/suggestion.
I've been struggling with how to protect my IP and this may provide a measure of protection beyond the usual copyright statement. Have signed up to trial it. It would be great to be able to edit the watermarks or have them automatically fill, rather than having to copy and paste the text in each time. Looking forward to seeing if this works.
@casmccullough first off thanks for joining! Please email support@textmark.io with your requests and our team will help get what you need asap.
Have you ever considered about adding an unlimited plan? If so how would the monthly price looks like?
@ozgrozer have not thought about it but would be open to it. Do you have a particular need for an unlimited plan? If you want to email our sales team sales@textmark.io they could definitely talk about a plan for you. Thanks for the question!
Unicode steganography?
@garyng I made a simple web-app. You can add any secret message into any text. It's on G⁡⁠⁢⁠⁠⁢⁠⁣⁠itHub. Here's the source code and here's the demo.
@garyng @ozgrozer there are a few things we are doing, cool part is its a cloud based protection/watermarking service.