Textly.AI Grammar Checker

Eliminate mistakes in your writing anywhere on the web

Textly.AI is the best way to find and eliminate spelling issues in your English texts anywhere on the web.
  • Margo Robbie
    Margo RobbieContent marketer, journalist

    Works Works fine and fast, corrects a lot of mistakes I make


    Waiting for the mobile app (iOS please!)

    I am using Textly.AI from the beginning of March. By now I am happy with the Chrome Extension — it finds and corrects errors on sites I need (like Gmail or Facebook). I use it both for personal and work-related stuff like proofreading emails.

    Margo Robbie has used this product for one month.
  • VJ Johnson
    VJ JohnsonBusiness development expert

    Just signed up for Chrome extension, works fast and finds a lot of errors.


    Need iOS keyboard, it is missing right now

    I've just started using it, and so far the tool looks interesting. I like its speed, and it highlights real errors (I've tried some checkers before, they also fired useless alerts). Will give it a try for a week or two to decide whether it is worthy of upgrading

    VJ Johnson has used this product for one day.
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Flavius@followflavius · Founder shout.news
Hi - Has any one yet compared it with Grammarly? Would be curious to hear. Satisfied with Grammarly so far and wonder what would justify switching. Thanks!
Alex Lashkov
Alex LashkovMaker@alexlashkov · Textly.AI Co-founder
Hey @followflavius! Thanks for the question, yes you can see some info on how we compare to other services here: https://textly.ai/blog/how-we-ar... Shortly speaking, we have a bit different approach to things like privacy and a hugely different approach to how a writing enhancement tool should work like. For now such services usually just edit what you've written, while we are adding more and more features for content creation, fighting writer's block, and language learning. For example, we already have a templates library with dozens of samples of texts so that you can get inspiration and start writing, soon releasing a huge knowledge base and adding language learning games right into the web app.
Alex Lashkov
Alex LashkovMaker@alexlashkov · Textly.AI Co-founder
Hello Product Hunt, I'm Alex, co-founder at Textly.AI, and thanks to @chrismessina for helping us out! Our main goal here at Textly.AI is to help you write better, learn faster, and enjoy your everyday communication. In order to make this ambition a reality we’ve built a powerful web app and Chrome/Firefox extensions. Our AI-based algorithm will check your writing on millions of websites across the web, for free! Here's are highlights of our product's best features: - 2000+ advanced grammar, spelling, and style corrections - Writing statistics, readability scores, audience-specific corrections - Recommendations for non-native speakers - Chrome/Firefox extensions for checking writing everywhere on the web (anonymous use allowed) - Secret mode (Pastebin). Works like secret chat in messaging apps: once you're finished, close the window, and the information will disappear - A content templates library with dozens of texts (press releases, blog posts, essays, etc.) – useful for fighting writer’s block Looking forward to hearing your feedback, and if you're interested in checking out Textly.AI — please sign up at https://textly.ai!
Rostislav Kishenkov
Rostislav Kishenkov@rostislav_kishenkov
i really like this service and Team experience is huge!
Alex Lashkov
Alex LashkovMaker@alexlashkov · Textly.AI Co-founder
@rostislav_kishenkov Thanks for believing in us!
Jane West
Jane West@new_user_d1f1cc99b4
Do you have any plans on releasing open API to use your service with a third-party apps? If yes, when do you plan it?
Alex Lashkov
Alex LashkovMaker@alexlashkov · Textly.AI Co-founder
@new_user_d1f1cc99b4 Hey Jane, for now no specific plans on integrations or API development. We have a pretty loaded backlog right now, in a couple of months we will review all possibilities for further platform development.
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson@mattcrail
Excited to try this out! Was just feeling annoyed with Grammarly this morning so glad there is an alternative.
Alex Lashkov
Alex LashkovMaker@alexlashkov · Textly.AI Co-founder
@mattcrail Thanks Matt!