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Textcast is like texting but instead of messaging one person, you send a message to your channel, which gets broadcasted to all its followers. You can use it to announce stuff: You can use it to blog to selected audience: See below for a couple of mine, feel free to request invite (by default all Textcasts are private unless you know the link) Ethan loves crazy apps https://bnc.lt/m/0msWkZWGJm iOS Development https://bnc.lt/m/Ln9ZDJAeHm Ever since I started running Ethan https://www.producthunt.com/tech..., I have naturally been thinking a lot about what it means to be private and intimate online. I saw something very special in private messaging, which broadcasting (such as blogging and social networks) can't easily replicate. I wanted a way to express myself like blogging while keeping the intimacy of messaging, and that's Textcast. It's extremely private, yet you can broadcast your message in a controlled manner. I wanted to post here first because I wanted to hear what you guys think, what you want to use it for, etc. so I can make it better. Please share your thoughts. I am here all day and will answer all questions, please ask me anything, thanks!
@gliechtenstein so replies are only 1:1 ?
@solfrombrooklyn @gliechtenstein Yup, it's like mass texting, the recipients get messages from you but they don't know who else is on your list. But if you have a different idea or suggestion, I would love to hear, please share. Thanks :)
@gliechtenstein really cool concept! I've signed up but whenever I go to click through to one of the groups folks have linked to here, the branch link doesn't follow all the way through to the app. Assuming the problem you mentioned above is still persisting!
@gliechtenstein edit: if you kill the app and reopen, the link's been opened and you can join the group from there. I made a group for hand-picked men's fashion items. If anyone wants to talk menswear and / or needs advice, you can join here: https://bnc.lt/m/xFF3NW2eDn
@atifkazmi @gliechtenstein sorry about that, I was talking to Branch guys yesterday and it's a known problem with iOS9. It hasn't been documented yet but they said they will do so soon. Anyway I've managed to come up with an ad hoc solution, so now users when they click on the branch link will be sent to appstore regardless of whether they have the app or not, and when they either "open" or "Get" the app, the branch link will connect all the way to the app. But anyway this is not the permanent solution so will need to figure out a better approach. I also heard Branch guys are working on a better solution as well.
I've been using text casts for a few weeks now and it's pretty sweet, great for sharing things with friend groups EDIT: if anyone wants to follow my text cast about apps: https://bnc.lt/m/P162MMAeCn
I just created my first textcast to share Rad iOS Apps. @gliechtenstein - I'm always super interested to see what you're working on since you launched the unusual, viral hit, Ethan. Btw, why are you building apps? Is this your full-time thing or do you have another job?
@rrhoover when i have an idea that hasn't been done before and I like it a lot, I have to get it out there because I'm really curious what will happen. Also I know I will regret forever if I neglect to execute it and someone else does later. Sometimes it takes a long time, sometimes it takes a couple of days, but regardless I have to see what happens eventually. That's why I end up building the apps I build :)
@rrhoover btw there's something wrong with the deep link, I swear it was working before (classic launch problem), trying to find out what's going on.. In the meantime, you can still join textcasts after downloading by going back to the original link and clicking one more time!
I'm liking this. I think of it as what Twitter was back in the day. I'm making a TextCast for my @blab show. Behind the scenes at PitchCraft bnc.lt/m/AxzEeuGiCn
Dope idea Ethan. one suggestion - when someone shares their cast (like Ryan did above) it tells me to 'get the app' (which I already have). Since I already have the app, it would be useful to see a code I can manually input to subscribe to his casts
@shaanvp Thanks Shaan, Yes actually I have been pulling my hair out this morning because of that problem, It was working perfectly but I guess either something's going on with Branch links, or I did something wrong. Trying to find out what's going on... In the meantime, I found that it works if you try to go back and click the original link again. Did you manage to get it to work in the end? Or still failing?