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Advice for all things dating, all through text.

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Bobby YangMaker@dragonberryyang · Student @HolbertonSchool
Hey Guys! This is a Startup Weekend project my team and I have been working on this week. We are a few hours from launching our beta. WingMan helps people set up amazing dates, and provides support and situation advice at a moments notice via text. Please sign up for the service and be the first ones to test it out! If you guys have any questions, please feel free to ask! I'm here for you guys. :0
Romain Sourdiaux@imromains · 🍋
@dragonberryyang Your home page looks a lot (lot) like askalexis.io first home page 🙈 you could have changed at least the background image...
Bobby YangMaker@dragonberryyang · Student @HolbertonSchool
@imromains You are correct, I'm currently making a new homepage. Didn't want to spend too much time this weekend on the homepage so I just took the design from Ask Alexis.
Bobby YangMaker@dragonberryyang · Student @HolbertonSchool
@imromains Here are some designs we've been working on since. http://imgur.com/a/CcKyG
Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
I'm ready @Dragonberryyang just get it to be like this! 🙌
Bobby YangMaker@dragonberryyang · Student @HolbertonSchool
Update: We won Startup Weekend! We will continue to work on this idea. We'll keep you guys posted on our progress!
Kurt Walker@kurtwalker · Ventrepreneur. Fundbrella.com
Tried signing up, confirm button isn't responding. safari browser
Bobby YangMaker@dragonberryyang · Student @HolbertonSchool
@kurtwalker Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into it ASAP.