Human translation bot for Slack

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Alex Miller
Alex MillerMaker@fotoflo
Hi, I'm Alex, founder of "TexTurner". I just noticed some traffic from product hunt. AMA!
Very interesting feature. I see this as an faster way to get some emails translated right on Slack before getting them sent out. Cool!
Alex Miller
Alex MillerMaker@fotoflo
@gehnibo Thanks Luca, Yes, I have a friend, that's definitely a great use-case. My friend Kapil uses it all the time for his emails with suppliers in China when he wants to gain their trust.
@fotoflo @gehnibo Makes total sense! That Kapil just pioneered a great way to use this tool!
Ajay Goel
Ajay GoelPro@parttimesnob · Founder, Wordzen
@gehnibo Hey there, I'm the maker of Wordzen, a Gmail plugin that drafts/edits/proofreads email. We've been considering getting into the translation space as well. Your comment validates the need. Gmail already provides some auto-translation, but it's certainly not 100% accurate, and I could see that important business communication would require professional human translators.
Alex Miller
Alex MillerMaker@fotoflo
@parttimesnob @gehnibo Sounds great. Perhaps we could partner! Hit me up Alex@texturner.com
Tom Masiero
Tom MasieroHunterHiring@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
Helpful tool for startups that have diverse teams.
Alex Miller
Alex MillerMaker@fotoflo
Texturner is a great tool tool for marketing, website translation, string translation, long romantic letters, diatribes on the subject of multi-lingual computers in a Post-Organic-Intelligence world, etc.... ( Disclosure: TexTurner is my side project )
Josue Gio
Josue Gio@josuegio · Breaking.com.mx - Independent news media
Super interesting Slackbot, this would help a lot of international startups with their translations... Great! And thanks for adding to http://www.slackbotlist.com :D