Text Mess

Turn your text messages into art

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Hi PH, I am so excited to show Text Mess to you guys! It's a delightful creative-messaging app for iMessage. Turn your own words and emojis into beautiful word-art stickers (or save to photos) I'm celebrating being on Product Hunt with a 33% discount on the app price [$2.99 => $1.99] I'd love some feedback on - The icon and product page on the app store - The price point - The app itself: What's awesome, what's not and what you would add Help me spread the word by sending your friends a personalized sticker using Text Mess :) Thanks!
Well, this is super cool...!
@maninder_singh_taggar I'd love to bring this to android or just mobile web in general. Stay tuned.
Love it! Good luck!
Nice work Shalin, I dig the emoji option. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
@s2imon Thanks Simon, my word fitting uses rasterization instead of font geometry, so emojis, fonts, images can all be bombarded and squeezed in there! It's amazing how fast computers are :)