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If I remember correctly, one can also order medical MJ via Magic - and everything else necessary to go with it :) @mikepinola , @sirhawxofhurst - what is the difference between TextMary, Magic and EazeUp?
Office is at the corner of Main & Westminster- See you soon :)
@williamb3ntley Looking forward to it!
This is the best presentation of a medical marijuana site I've ever seen. What REALLY impresses me is the Cannalope Brunch and Supper Club: http://textmary.com/menu-item/ca...
Thank you so much @melissamonteee for taking the time to notice and appreciate our work! My co-founder @mikepinola and I did high-end wedding catering over the years in NY before heading out to LA to start Text Mary and we wanted to bring a unique experience that doesn't necessarily exist in the cannabis community. I actually removed the supper club from the menu last night because we decided to spin it off into its own entity but we will sell tickets to it through @TextMary - i'll give you product hunters an inside view as to the direction we're moving with the 'Cannalope - Brunch & Supper Club' - http://giving.georgjensen.com/ - this is the website/presentation we're going to be modeling our site off of. I feel it gives off a sophisticated, speakeasy type of exclusivity/underground yet high-end feel. We hope you like the direction we're planning to take it!
Hey there! You're right @ianissoawesome Magic (SMS) can order Medical Marijuana or food for you, but they would have to call upon a 3rd party to fulfill that order and therefore has very little control over any quality assurance measures. You also must pay cash if you order medical marijuana through Magic, Text Mary accepts debit/credit, cash and BTC despite this weeks news. As for EazeUp (APP), they are a medical marijuana delivery app claiming to be the "Uber of Pot" and that's exactly what they are. An algorithm telling a driver who's in Santa Monica that another patient two miles away also needs an 8th of something they have in their vehicle. To the best of my knowledge, theres no way to communicate with an actual human being at Eaze (in our industry we are referred to as 'caregivers') and we as caregivers really have more responsibility than simply delivering the product to that person in less than 30 minutes who oftentimes isn't as educated on what they're receiving or aren't aware of alternative treatments that exist since this industry has been evolving quickly. It's a bit overwhelming and difficult to keep up with all the new forms of concentrates and drinks and so on that hit the market on what seems to be a daily basis. Also, once again Eaze has no control over the product because the dispensary or delivery service is the one providing the product, if you order through Eaze and it comes from a delivery service with low quality product, you as the patient placing that order can be left upset/disappointed to say the least. But then again, you can always get fire product from a delivery service through Eaze. It depends on the provider in that app. Often times, Text Mary will receive questions from patients (who range from 20 year olds with IBS or crohn's disease to 77 year olds with arthritis or stage-3 colon cancer). These people genuinely need help understanding how many different products exist and what ways we can best target their specific needs. We sometimes have to do a little research depending on the request and if we don't have anything in stock to help with what they need we source it for them and carry it on their behalf. We have sourced strains, creams, 1:1 CBD to THC tinctures that aren't coconut oil based and then a similar product in the form of a transdermal patch. Try asking the Eaze app to do a terpene analysis for you and find a strain that will help with X issue, you likely won't hear anything back from them because it's a different type of service. You definitely have the human element while using Text Mary and most people who think we are another non-compliant delivery service just trying to make a quick buck quickly realize we genuinely care about them and that we're passionate about marijuana. Text Mary (SMS) is a service very similar to Magic with the exception that we are the collective/dispensary who has quality assurance measures to ensure you're getting not only what you want but what you need, and we're educated on what you're ordering. We lab test everything not only for potency but for the full spectrum of pesticides, residual solvents and microbials (we are one of very few in LA who test beyond potency) and we are eventually moving to triple lab tested product as our standard (I have background working in quality assurance at USDA facilities). That's unheard of in a market without regulation from a delivery service or dispensary. We're very proud of the customer experience and all the little details we pay attention to. We hope you notice and enjoy them as much as some of our other patients have :) I hope that's sufficient and meets your approval, sir :)
@sirhawxofhurst It is more than sufficient! I didn't understand that it actually recommends and does research for patients, as the page and screenshots don't show it's full nature and to me as an outsider it seemed like it was just - another one. I'd definitely put that somewhere on the front page because it makes you stand out in the field, especially now that this field is starting to experience huge growth. Thanks for the long answer and best of luck in pushing Text Mary forward!
Thank you for the feedback/suggestions @ianissoawesome, i'll figure out a way to display that in an effective way. I'm rebranding and should have a new site rolled out in a few months so i'll definitely incorporate that into it. Thanks again!