Text Case 2.0

Format any raw text on iOS and more ๐Ÿ“

Text Case is a universal iOS app that makes formatting text quick and easy. All formats can be copied with juset one tap, and you can access them via the Share sheet, or with Siri Shortcuts.
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Christopher Hannah
Swift Developer / Writer
In 2.0, Text Case has been completely rebuilt. This includes a new way of organising individual formats into groups, and a new design that matches this philosophy. There are four new formats to use: Emoji, Rot13, Base64 Encoded, and Base64 Decoded. This means that there are now 23 different formats to use in Text Case! The app now has a few extra customisation options, you can switch between a Dark and Light theme, change the order of the groups, enable/disable formats, and also choose between 22 different app icons.
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