Text Blaster

Send thousands of text messages with one tap on Android

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@gautam_io What about spamming prevention? Do you have a concept to avoid misuse?
@gautam_io @alternative3 how do people avoid spamming when just texting people individually?
@alternative3 @_jacksmith I do plan on implementing an opt-out feature soon. E.g. if a recipient replied with the message 'STOP', it would automatically remove him/her from the group.
@_jacksmith by expense... ;)
@_jacksmith @alternative3 - Also, many countries have a national do not call/SMS registry. Numbers in those registries could automatically be skipped while sending out messages. However, that could be tricky to implement - in terms of integrating with all the different registries, and also determining if someone is sending messages for commercial purposes. You wouldn't want to block a teacher from messaging his/her students.
@_jacksmith @gautam_io You are right, the example with the teacher works. But imagine on the other hand one of the many companies that make their money by sending spamming emails, maybe they would also "love" your product. If you find a working solution to prevent them from misuse, your product could definitely rock!
Great to see you on here, Gautam :) congrats on the launch a week ago! Looking forward to seeing more products from you!
@mikehlee_ Thanks man! Super excited to be showing Text Blaster on Product Hunt!
Hi everyone! Text Blaster lets users send personalized text messages to large groups of people. Messages are sent via the user's mobile plan. It was originally designed for a friend who avoided online SMS services because they appeared confusing and expensive. As a result, I designed this app to have a layout and flow similar to other messaging apps. I see it as a tool for small business owners, teachers, and event organizers to: - communicate with their audiences more effectively - grow their audiences Features I plan to add: - SMS opt out for recipients (to prevent spam) - Quick add people (to help grow the user's marketing lists) - Better support for Google accounts and existing contact groups - Ability to create and send surveys to recipients If you have any feature suggestions or interesting use cases for this app - please reach out to me!
@gautam_io nice idea! any interesting out of the box usecases you came across already? :)
@bramk Not yet. I published the app a week ago. And posted it on social media for the first time about 8 hours ago. I still can't believe it's on Product Hunt. :)
@gautam_io cool! Would be great if you could share some when you encounter them! Good luck today :)
Congrats Gautam! Was impressed when you showed me.
@sirbenlee Thanks Ben! :)
Need an iOS version NOW!
@danjfein Unfortunately iOS doesn't allow apps to programmatically send text messages. However, an app can pop open a dialog with the recipient's number and message pre-populated. The user just has to tap send. My classmate made a similar app that cycles through the recipients and opens up a dialog for each one. You just have to keep tapping the send button. http://goo.gl/uiNLGq
@danjfein @gautam_io yep, apple locks down such functionality. But @romaindavid built a really cool prototype app that lets you do mail-marge on iOS.