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Hey ProductHunters, I'm Nick, the creator of Text A Coder. I've worked on a number of mobile messaging products over the past few years and always wanted to do a messaging-based service request system. After building out a text messaging support system (such a developer decision to build rather buy) I decided to launch the service for coding as that's what our growing team of developers is already focused on! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'd love to hear any feedback as well! Oh, and of course, if you are looking for coding help ... shoot us a text! I'll likely be the one to help you out.
@allnick Where is the app finding the developers and PMs? Are you using any kind of other services APIs for this?
@danflopes nice work. I was sad to see Swift and Objective-C weren't listed as provided languages. Any plans for that?
@allnick What about a Facebook bot as well as SMS texts? 😁
@allnick looks interesting! There's a typo in the answer paragraph for "How Much Do Tasks Cost?". Just wanted to let you know in case you weren't aware :)
@danflopes the app doesn't find people :) I find people! I have my own process for finding people to support projects. As of today, clients have been happy with the deliverables so as long as that's the case, I am happy! I look forward to having so many requests I don't have enough PMs ;)
Hello nick. Definitely a disruptive idea in terms of lead generation, congratulation. My concerns are in the field of security and the follow-up conversation. How would you guarantee that confidential information will not leak?
@mfraiss Hi Mario! Are you referring to access control for developers or are you referring to private information submitted in conversation? In regards to the first, we would use standard security practices that we do with all clients. Typically we try to avoid the sharing of any passwords through use of access control on Github or other code repository services. However if we must, we use a service like Dashlane to store the passwords and then have the client change them upon project completion. I'd be happy to answer if you have more specific concerns!
@mfraiss What's so disruptive about it?
Great idea. Does it work internationally? Would like to try it out, but I'm located in Germany 🇩🇪
@anderiep umm you just brought up a good point. I can buy a german number to add. In the meantime, feel free to email nick@textacoder.com
@allnick How about using FB Messenger to let people message you internationally? With Messenger, you can create a separate account for Text A Coder.
@andrewwarner yep that's on the timeline. I already have a built in SMS system (I actually built an SMS help desk platform ... go figure). However FB Messenger is next up on the pipeline. Will take a week to complete but need to wrap up our client work now!
@allnick I think this is a good idea, but it has to be imessage compatible to be hyper-effective. Many developers and PMs use macbooks. So if you're going to use SMS as the layer, I would strongly consider doing it via imessage so that way the speed of communication is high and as well they can type details on their keyboard instead of the slow iphone keyboard.
@datarade I send SMS on my desktop iMessage app sometimes as well. I have yet to figure out why some contacts I can message on SMS from my desktop while others don't show up. However I would totally like to do that as well. I'll likely extend to FB Messenger as well.
@allnick @datarade It's Apple only. On iPhone it will convert to SMS when necessary. While I use a MacBook, I use Android for mobile, hence I do not use iMessage. I also don't necessarily agree iMessage is at all required, but that depends on the demographics / preferences on both the dev and client side. There are definitely 1-way (ex. Pushbullet) and 2-way (ex. Slack) messaging solutions that accommodate all mobile platforms, and obviously (with plenty of access to devs!) you can use Twilio to build your own or customize an existing platform.
@davidrebd @datarade my system is actually built into Slack & Twilio currently. I'll be adding FB Messenger which will enable the customer to communicate anywhere.
@davidrebd @allnick Analyze the demographic of PMs and the laptops they use. Also check your analytics for device type. ;)
@allnick @datarade Oh perfect, you're single funnel already on the dev side - didn't realize it was really just a matter of input points on client end. Sounds like you've got it down. =) I'll def be checking out the service when need arises!
This is very interesting! There was a post a few days ago on Reddit where someone got drunk and made their own "Hire A Developer" that sparked a pretty good conversation. With Upwork's change in charging, the spam users, etc seems something could at least compete in the niche areas. Do you focus on fresh projects or is it also to find a developer to take over a current project? @allnick
@natelegler Most of them are for new projects however it's all too common that a previous developer moves on to a new project. We'd be up for discussing the latter if you needed a dev for an existing project but it most definitely wouldn't have a 24-48 hour turnaround time.