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Pretty straightforward and useful tool -- you can easily copy and paste plain text and turn it into an interactive HTML5 mind map. The tool lets you download as an image or PDF. It'd be cool if you could share the interactive version via a URL, but that doesn't seem to be possible.
I absolutely love this. I have never see a similar feature in the mind maps I've used so far. Thank you.
This is what I've been looking for my entire product managing life and I didn't even know it.
Lovely and easy to use. I like the physics too — it's fun to drag the nodes around :-) It's nice that you can easily swap backwards and forwards from full-browser page view. The colour-by level and colour-by branch option is nice too. It's very cool you can hover over a node and it jumps to the correct corresponding place in the text editing too. I tried to create a larger map, with some boxes with more text than others. It struggled a bit and nodes were clustered together and overlapping. It might be nice if there was an option to increase or adjust 'spacing' of nodes, to allow wider spacing and prevent overlap. Otherwise the user needs to drag around each individual node to try and space them out to make it readable (note: the 'save' option will persist the location of nodes if manually dragged).
This is just awesome! Going to be using it a lot