Push notification messaging with friends (WUT w/o anonymity)

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I've been a long-time WUT user. I love what @pm and team are doing but I always thought the anonymous, push notification-based app could provide more utility if it used our real identity. I've been playing with Text for a few weeks. It's early and I don't have very many friends on the service but I can see it as a useful, lightweight tool for broadcasting messages to all my friends or ad-hoc groups of people. Potential use case: "Anyone want to meetup for drinks at The Grove at 6pm?" I use several other messaging apps/communication tools like email, MessageMe, Snapchat, TapTalk, Slack, but Text is different enough that it might fit into my social rotation (if I can get enough people on it). Great work, @czug_.
@rrhoover it's funny because if you read a book like "Hatching Twitter" you get a sense that the use case you have in mind for Text is what the co-founders of Twitter envisioned for it. Of course things changed when it took off and the community took over but interesting to think about. :)
@BoredElonMusk upvoted Text, I can die now
You've got a friend in "clay" ๐Ÿ˜œ
I'm excited to see someone doing this. The group messaging/broadcast usecase kind of reminds me of what drove a lot of early Twitter activity. Though it's no longer really as relevant on Twitter as audiences have scaled. Time to reinvent! :)