Web app to anonymize textual data with machine learning

Texno is a web app to detect and anonymize any kind of text using machine learning. You can edit and save all your texts for free.

😃 Everyone, here is Anwar from Texano 🤸‍♀️ ! This is my first product here and it's side-hustle, I have a 9 to 6 (yes not 5!) job in Frankfurt, Germany and after driving home and spending time with my family, I usually work stay up till late night or stay up early to code. And Texano is the fruit of doing that for 1-1/2 Months. Mainly because of GDPR, manually anonymizing texts is a ton of work and a waste of time. And then I said, why not building a tool that helps more people doing this annoying task with simple clicks. Since I have a good experience with text mining with machine learning, I decided to build an MVP for that. Texano can : - Take any textual input and based on filter, sets an "X" on the confidential data - Edit and save the data on a cloud (data are anoynmized, so no fear of the cloud anymore haha) What I would like from you all guys here is to give me your precious feedback, it's ok to be harsh sometimes 😀 Happy to answer all your questions :)
@anwar_ben being in Europe and having to deal with GDPR, I can see this being helpful. I like the simple execution / UX of your MVP!
@goodbytes Thanks for your comment, indeed in Europe and soon in US (because of ´data breaches scandals) anonymization of data will be in strong demand.
@anwar_ben would you mind sharing a bit of info about your tech stack that's running your name or other text pattern recognitions?
@goodbytes Sure ! I'm using a stanford coreNLP for NER, I made a local server for that, but for the sake of the MVP I used a demo server from stanford.