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This is how Secret started before pivoting to an anonymous sharing app, before shutting down over abuse and trolling issues. How big is the opportunity here? What have you learned in any user research you've conducted?
@chrismessina hi Chris! What we are building is a place where people can talk privately, and be themselves with friends, family, work or anyone else. The anonymity of Tex is just to protect the user identity. After you started talking with someone you can share your identity for a couple of seconds so both can know with whom are they talking. Is the only way to actually make a chat conversation safe like no other message app. About the trolling issues. You can block anyone who is writing you even if you don't know who this is. Once people start using Tex they love it. Because is the only app that allows you to talk or share anything to your friends and don't be attached of what you said.
Hi, we made some changes and updates from the previous post: - Add NACI encryption to the messages. - Change the phrase, logo and colors (we wanna be something more cool and fun, not something serious, cause this is not only for geeks, this is for everyone who wants secure conversations and the control of what they say) - Released the Android version. And we are still working on a lot of more new features.... Tex is the only app that allows you to message your friends anonymously and have the control of what you said! It lets you talk with people on your contact list without disclosing your identity. You will only be identified if you want to send your identity, and that it shows for 3 seconds then disappear. It solve the front end security of a conversation and the 3 basics elements of a conversation: sender - message - receiver. Tex also solves the problem of historical content simply by deleting it and not allowing screenshots and also protects your identity, allowing you to chose a nickname so you can reveal your real identity when you want. All messages will only be received by or sent to people in your contact list, so you will be talking to people you know; they just won’t know it is you. There also is a way you can send your identity to the other part so he can know with whom is he talking with. “People don’t have a way to be their most authentic selves, especially to people they know. There is too much fear” Some Features: · Deleted Messages - Messages are immediately deleted after you get out of a conversation from the device and our server. · Private chat - Chat privately without showing everybody your identity. · Secure - Fully encrypted messaging protects you at all times. With the advent, every message apps, more and more people questioned if it was safe to send someone a confession, a photo or even important information about themselves. After all, you could screenshot just about anything and have that content live on forever on the cloud. Identity is not just your social security number, or your credit card number or even your name. It’s who you are as a person, your thoughts, your behavioral patterns and that is what is shared through your story. Tex is a new way to anonymously express what's on your mind with the people you know. Something easy to allow people to give advice, make revelations, secrets or simply say what they think to people they know in an anonymous way. Try Tex and give us your feedback. www.texme.co
Only 13 reviews in the Play Store, half of which are negative. Why?
@zefareu Hi Daniel. Those reviews are from our first release. After that, we shut down the android version for some weeks and there was when those users had those technical problems
@alexheikel I tried the app, and it just says, "Connecting..." forever. Couldn't get past that point. Gave up and uninstalled.
I still don't understand anonymous sharing. What is the value besides saying weird or mean or false things about others? If a user needs anonymity like a journalist or rights activist, wouldn't they be better served by using Tor + Medium or some other blogging tool?
@joshdance Actually Joshua is not for false or bad things, most of the time people just can't be themselves because of the afraid of having their conversation shown to others. Is not only for a journalist or right activist, is for regular people that's why we did it so simple. The only thing we tried to do with Tex is to replicate the privacy you have when you are talking face to face to another person... just the 2 really know who they are... and all that you say... it disappears.

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