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As a security expert I really find your about me page (on tumblr) misguiding. By deleting chat history and using fake names, an app won't get secure. Not at all.
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@noxowe Yes Laszlo you are right, we are not focusing on that kind of security, we focus on regular privacy for the day to day conversations... there are tons of very encrypted messages apps(and all can be broken), here we give the sender and receiver security that no one will be able to demonstrate who or what they said... so they can talk without being afraid of their conversation published or showed to other peoples
@alexheikel In this case I understand your app, it's a cool idea but now I think that the title is very misguiding: "The most secure message app". Anyway, hope you will be able to solve more of these 'social' issues with your app!
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@noxowe thank you so much Laszlo!
@alexheikel @noxowe "there are tons of very encrypted messages apps (and all can be broken)" No. But giving you the benefit of the doubt, what kind of security are you giving that is superior to say Signal, for example?
@drwasho hi Washington!! No not superior or with better encryption... Different from signal and all other apps out there
Are there rules on Product Hunt about misrepresentation of products?
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@chrismaddern why misrepresentation?
Why do startups feel the need to make outrageous and unverifiable claims such as "the most X". "The most beautiful X", "the most secure X"? I'd say better to just focus on how you're unique (which in this case seems to be privacy), vs claiming to be the "most secure" messaging app, which it doesn't seem to be, when you have others with end to end encryption etc
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@_jacksmith Yes you´re right Jack, the thing is that now people tend to directly thing in encryption when the word secure is out... secure could be in many ways... the way we are secure now is focusing on the safe of the users... the user is always secure and his message is secure when talking each other... if you have the most encrypted message app but you are next to camera i can record anything you are writing and then publish anywhere and demonstrate that you are the one saying that... or if your write me with something even Snowden make... if i´m on your side i will be able to see who and what is he sayin Tex is secure on that, cause even if Obama write to Hillary something bad about Trump and this is next to Hillary, she wont be able to demonstrate that Obama is the one writing her...
@alexheikel right. But I don't think you need to say you're the "most secure", because that's insulting to your competiton and doesn't actually say anything about what you do
@_jacksmith its not insulting, we actually watch things they do and some of them as the encryption we are going to implement, the thing is that the most secure that we said is in a way no one of the other apps do.... But yes maybe we could think in a easiest way for people to understand what we do and how we are safe or secure! Thanks anyway Jack!!
@alexheikel just a sidenote: make as much of your app open-source as you can. You must prove. Telling us that it's encrypted is close to nothing. MD5 is an encryption too but takes less than an hour to crack it with a modern computer. People will always need proof and the most effective way is to open-source at least your client but it's better if you are fully transparent. People can set up their own Texs and contribute
@noxowe yup we are definitely gona do that... we still have a lot to work with....
Interesting concept for security. So This is my understanding from reading your website and description in App Store. Uniqueness of Tex is not encryption approach. Tex makes sure security by being anonymous using fake name. If I understand correctly, you can chat with someone with fake name. If someone wants to validate this fake name person is you, then can send you verification code. So they know this fake name is you. What is the best use case for using fake names?
@kzynakamura Hi Kazuya! Thanks for reading and answer! Yes we focus on regular users and regular use. We protect the sender, the message and the receiver, using both sides fakes names, and message are with encryption and also deleted when read. The fake name is the unique way we find out you can start a conversation with any people you want, about anything and that person wont be able to demonstrate who you are or what have you told him... So you can talk anyone and you are secure, and your conversation is secure, and the other person your are talking with is secure also!
@alexheikel But what is the use of fake name if people can validate you anyway?
@kzynakamura is a 3 second validation only... And the user send only when he want
So what's the story behind Tex? What did you or your friends/family/colleagues experience that makes you want to create this app? It seems to be an app for people who want to tell some important/confidential to someone they don't 100% trust. Which is something we don't usually do. What are the specific use cases?
@bretdabaker Hi bret, as told in many coments, there are a lots of things you could say even your brother or girlfriend that you may not want other to watch... of course, is a tool for a niche... but imagine that you are face to face to someone and you are telling him something... thats the most secure way to tell someone something.... just the 2 know they are together and just the 2 know what both are saying... there is no way you can prove the other person told you something... ok thats Tex