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Alex Heikel
@alexheikel · Founder of @texhq. CEO de @polkahq y @ov


Laszlo Levente Mári
@noxowe · Dev / Consultant
As a security expert I really find your about me page (on tumblr) misguiding. By deleting chat history and using fake names, an app won't get secure. Not at all.
Chris Maddern
@chrismaddern · Co-Founder, Button
Are there rules on Product Hunt about misrepresentation of products?
Jack Smith
@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Why do startups feel the need to make outrageous and unverifiable claims such as "the most X". "The most beautiful X", "the most secure X"? I'd say better to just focus on how you're unique (which in this case seems to be privacy), vs claiming to be the "most secure" messaging app, which it doesn't seem to be, when you have others with end to end encryption… See more
Kazuya Nakamura
@kzynakamura · CEO, qeuep
Interesting concept for security. So This is my understanding from reading your website and description in App Store. Uniqueness of Tex is not encryption approach. Tex makes sure security by being anonymous using fake name. If I understand correctly, you can chat with someone with fake name. If someone wants to validate this fake name person is you, then c… See more
Bret Cheng
@bretdabaker · Mobile Dev, FOAK
So what's the story behind Tex? What did you or your friends/family/colleagues experience that makes you want to create this app? It seems to be an app for people who want to tell some important/confidential to someone they don't 100% trust. Which is something we don't usually do. What are the specific use cases?