Tetra uses AI to take notes on your phone calls, so you can focus on the conversation now and remember everything later.

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Do you guys delete the transcript once we've received it? What are the privacy policies on the transcripted information?
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@gaurabc was also thinking the same thing. Would be great to hear from the makers on this.
@gaurabc Hey, thanks for commenting! Your transcript will be available in our web viewer as soon as it's ready, and by default will hang out there for as long as you need it. If you want, however, you can always delete it and we'll permanently expunge both the recording and transcript from our servers.
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@imjgoldsmith @gaurabc Great. But what about the privacy concerns? How is it secured? Is it encrypted once on the server and only encrypted on viewing?
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@ggnall @iduuck @imjgoldsmith @gaurabc There's a reason we've all heard the phrase ''This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance'
Hey Product Hunt! We’re super excited to share Tetra with you and hear what we could do to make it as useful as possible. Thanks in advance for trying us out, and thank you to Jared for hunting us. Tetra automatically takes call notes for you. No more multitasking between note taking and talking when you’re on the phone with someone important — just focus on the conversation, and leave remembering details up to Tetra. How are we different from similar services? We don’t think automatic speech recognition alone is good enough yet to be usable, so we’ve carefully built human editing into the service to achieve quality without compromising on confidentiality. We’ve also built a notes viewer to make it easy to remember exactly what you were talking about. Read the transcript, jump to audio with timecodes synced to every word, and search for anything close to a phrase you remember speaking, so you can explore your notes for a call and never lose detail. But we’re just getting started. We look forward to your feedback on what else we can build on top of the current viewer experience to get closer to our goal of building an self-updating Evernote for your business. We’re giving everyone *an hour of calls for free*, so please check it out: just make an account, invite bot@asktetra.com to a calendar event, and we’ll call you when it starts. Drop me a line at jon@asktetra.com!
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@imjgoldsmith @asktetra Love to hear more about the service - seems quite expensive with the current packages but when you say Full Transcripts are you talking about Human made Transcripts or AI/Machine Learning Speech-to-Text made Transcripts which are notoriously horrible :( ? If it is the first, it's still pricey but potentially understandable, if it's the 2nd, wayyyy too expensive. Definitely also want to hear about the privacy topic and more importantly what sort of encryption are you using to protect our data...
@exlemor @asktetra Hey Emmanuel, thanks so much for commenting. We promise accuracy on the level of human only transcription services, and agree that current speech-to-text tech isn't really ready for regular use :) Re: privacy, you always have full control over your data and the ability to permanently delete it at any time. To maintain confidentiality with our human editors, we distribute your call in small chunks to a globally distributed team, all of whom has signed NDAs. In addition, we follow standard web application security best practices and use many of the robust AWS security features to encrypt and protect access to your data in Amazon S3, where it is stored. Shoot me a note at jon@asktetra.com if you have any more questions!
What makes Tetra different from Clarke? @bentossell which btw, should be added as a similar product 🔑
@ambonium perfect! I'd forgotten then name!
@ambonium @bentossell Hey Amrith, thanks for commenting! We're different in a few ways: * Clarke seems to obscure what happens under the hood: either they're using fully automatic speech recognition (in which case Tetra will be much more accurate), or they're using humans in the loop as well (their confidentiality policy seems really lacking: https://clarkeai.helpscoutdocs.c...). We try to be very transparent about what happens to your data. * Tetra focuses on search, synced transcript audio, and (coming soon!) more ways to explore your notes vs. Clarke's summarization, which really can't be done well with current AI techniques (also seeming to indicate it's just a human wrapped in a chat layer) * We weren't able to sign up for Clarke to try it behind their waitlist but Tetra is open to everyone now!
Great idea... but outrageously priced, even just to try it out.
@daminkk Hey switchbackhunter, thanks for the kind words. We’re actually able to offer our service at half of what most transcription services would quote you today ($1/min = $60/hr) thanks to our speech recognition technology, but we understand that that might be expensive for many still. We do offer your first hour of calls for free so I hope you’ll have a chance to try Tetra out and see if you find it valuable. Can I ask what you were thinking of using the service for?
Walk me through this... So... I can record a podcast and Tetra will have my show notes ready. Filled with links and everything?
@dredurr We transcribe phone calls. Right now you can either schedule a call by inviting bot@asktetra.com to your calendar event or press a button on our website to start a call now. Accept our call, merge it with another line and we'll send you back the transcript and notes. If you're planning to record your podcast over a phone we can transcribe it with links intact. We're exploring other ways to record or upload audio. Let me know if you have any suggestions!
Hey @dredurr! You probably want to take a look at https://www.superseamless.org/ which will do what you describe for any audible conversation you choose.