Lock and unlock your Mac automatically with your iPhone

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Have been fumbling around with different apps over the past year claiming to unlock my laptop *magically* in one way or another - this one is the first that's actually working for me. Also, it's free! Install both the Mac and iPhone apps, walk away from your computer and FEEL THE MAGIC. Great product by @fiafo.
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@fiafo @juanbuis Upvoted just for the GIF :)
@juanbuis @fiafo Seconded. I tried very hard to get Knock to work, but it didn't. Tether works great!
I would use it if it was from an "identified/trusted developer" besides, i couldn't see any privacy policy.
Keeps locking my Mac frequently even when I'm right next to it with the phone and working. Annoying as hell.
@objective_b happened to me one time , yep you guys need to fix this otherwise the app is awesome
simple review: it's doesn't work
There's a few similar apps, but to me personally, Tether seems to be 'cleaner' than the rest. Added to my 'Better Together' collection! LET IT GROW!!! :) http://www.producthunt.com/quser...