Work with an API and create automated tests without coding

Harness the power of scenarios, autocomplete and syntax highlighting for API testing. Create tests, share requests without leaving the comfortable development environment and many more.
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Today I’m glad to introduce our new powerful crossplatform tool for working with API and creating automated API tests without coding.🔥 There is more than a year of hard work 👩‍🚒 behind me and my team. Now TestMace is a live tool that is used by thousands of developers and testers all over the world. We started developing a brand new tool because we weren’t satisfied with our experience of working with other existing API tools. We saw a lot of possible improvements then and see now. We can do all things that your regular API tool can do and even more. Here’s a list of some of our features: - Creating and testing complex scenarios quickly. 🏃🏿‍♀️ - Creating tests without actual programming. 🙀 - Powerful autocomplete feature and highlighting of current variables values, functions etc. 🤖 - A well-organized project structure and human-readable file format, which allow to store your project in the version control system repo and review tests and scenarios. 🤘 - Advanced JS support in the built-in code editor, including the autocomplete feature and static analyzer. 💻 - Team collaboration tools. Using the Share button, you can immediately get any part of the project in the form of an url and, for instance, attach it to a task in the tracker. This is how you send a request with all necessary parameters and data (that means no more typing text from screenshots). 🤝 You can find more differences between TestMace and other tools here: https://testmace.com/why-testmace/ Please give it a chance! We’re looking forward to your feedback 🐹 ❗️❗️❗️Today we have a special offer for our PH users! It’s actually a LTD that gives you a lifetime professional license for 5 users! 🤘🔥 You can check out TestMace’s roadmap here: https://testmace.com/roadmap/
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@kotokur_dev well, seems good tool. I will start review,
@ivan_pastushok Thank you! We are waiting for your feedback 🙏
Hi guys, you've made a great job. Looks like very useful tool
amazing tool, replaced Postman for me completely
@alexey_nagornov Thank you! It means a lot for us!
I am using TestMace almost half of year and can confirm it really useful, wonderful tool and great team. Nice work on that!
@dmitry_anchikov Thank you for using TestMace and for your feedback!