Find the best testers to get honest feedbacks for your app

We find the best matching testers to get honest feedbacks for your app.
Improve your app, talk to your future users and validate your idea !
PS: We are also looking for motivated testers. Get paid to help creator ;)
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Erwan Jes
Founder uLite / Developer
Hi, I'm Erwan founder of Testify. I am a developer and I know the struggle it is to create an app. It's hard to find users and be sure their experience is flawless, especially when you work solo or in a small team. When we create something new, a new product, a new app, anything... we really need users feedbacks in the most honest, even brutal way (so don't hesitate to give yours here). Our goal is simple: find the best matching people to test an app and to give any useful report to the creator. We also want to retribute testers as much as we can. Each test can take a while so testers need to be rewarded for their efforts. So the creator willing to work with us will need to pay each tester a fair amount.
Yuta AokiFounder of Funky Jump
How much people this app can approach?
Callum WeirBearded Retired Traveller Human :)
Love this idea, I've found it so hard in the past when launching apps, as normally I use people I know personally, which has always been a downfall as friends and family don't want to knock your confidence and praise the product when there are issues. I will definitely be using this next time I need a tester. Great product @erwanjes
This is a really interesting service, but beta testing/idea validation etc. services have always triggered a question in my mind: How do you make sure that the person on the other end does not give you bad feedback, while they actually love the product and think of stealing your idea. There are plenty of unethical entrepreneurs out there. Nevertheless, keep it going!
I write code and make puns
@thesecara I think that if someone wants to steal your idea they'll always be able to do so. You can't really protect your idea whether that's in beta phase or after launch. But I like to think that since you thought of the idea first and have been working on it longer, then you will probably think of the next feature to build and plan a roadmap a lot better than the person who stole the idea from you
Cool, this is something I might need. I'm looking for UI/UX Designers who'd like to beta test a design tool that allows them to draw component-based designs and export to React and Vue code. (www.handoff.design)
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