TestFlight (iOS app)

Beta testing is easier than ever

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Looks like the new Testflight app from Apple is showing up on iTunes via the US store only for now. Can't wait to start using it. No more 100 device limit and no more provisioning headaches!
@robjama Provisioning headache was the single worst thing about developing for iOS.
@robjama a giant cheers to that. Feel bad for the hockeyapp guys though. I assume they'll double down on the crash/analytics features.
So, according to the terms, all apps that utilize Test Flight for beta distribution have to go through review if there are substantial changes between versions. Given that the tool is used for betas, this could very well mean that every update has to go through the review process slowing down development cycles significantly. Hopefully it's just legalese that doesn't actually get in the way of what could be a great product.
@mikekhristo it usually (or almost) never takes longer than a few hours.
Crashlytics has been world's better than TestFlight. Will be interesting to see if the integrated TF will have the kinks worked out.
I'm very excited about it and can't wait to test it. It has been such a nightmare to distribute beta iOS apps! I used first Test Flight and then switched on Hockey App because it was easier to manage and less buggy when iOS7 came out. The only solution to avoid provisioning profile nightmares was to have an organisation account and so pay for it...
for the love of god - thank you. at long last