Get screen video and app logs with every bug on iOS/Android

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Testfire is a pretty awesome tool! Their mobile SDK records video with app logs and device details to help with QA/Dev with mobile testing and debugging. 👌 for both iOS and Android!
We've been using TestFire on both iOS and Android apps and it has made a huge difference in our QA and general feedback and review process. It makes it super easy to take screens and mark them up - and that it integrates with JIRA makes testing almost fun : )
@mcnulty_tara Tara thanks for your feedback! Am glad you like it - we've poured a lot of heart and effort into it!
Ashwinn, thanks for your support! We started Testfire to help companies with mobile testing and debugging, which is generally a nightmare because of app complexity and the sheer number of devices and platforms. To solve this, we think it’s important to distribute testing out to more people, through dogfooding, UAT, beta, and testing in the wild. The challenge, of course, is getting actionable feedback. That’s where our tool comes in. You can drop our SDK into any app, and users can record screen video, untethered. Plus we capture app logs and device details too, so developers don’t have to spend time hunting down information about what happened - it’s all there for them. Hopefully this will help companies deliver the app magic that users expect.
Good Stuff @robertchea Happy to see more efforts to improve app testing.
Looks interesting! Fired it to my dev just a minute ago... lets get this tested! Thanks guys
@cute_life Thanks for trying it out - please let us know how it works for you!
We are curious to see what you think---feedback is great!