Files Get Shared If Something Happens.

How exactly is it detecting that something happened to me?
@michalhudecek Hi Michal. @Testamentor mixes multiple APIs to detect it. You can define your own suitable set of conditions upon occurance of which @testamentor consider you "digitally inactive". Like when you do not tweet anything or do not send any email for a defined time period. You might also want to choose some people to be your Trustees". These Trustees would be then able to inform Testamentor that something happened to you.
To be clear, is this a post-mortem account & file management service? Not a huge fan of the name, but a cool concept.
Also seems like it can used for self-preservation. "hand over the cocaine. If you kill me, Testamentor testifies, with my documents, to the authorities."
@osakasaul nice said :)Testamentor as a self-preservation tool :)
Hank, yes, at the very beginning of the project the idea was exactly as you say. But we made it in a modern way. @Testamentor does not require you to provide any docs or sensitive information to us. Nothing like that. All the documents and information stay with you in your special @dropbox folder. We arrange for a distribution of the messages and files (i.e. content of your folders) to your recepients after the trigger.
This product will be more relevant in the next 10 years. Right now, the people who'd are comfortable with this method of information dispersal aren't concerned with their affairs.