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Surely this is just someone sitting in their office/house wanting to see everyone's ideas? When certain 'buzzwords' or phrases become popular they become increasingly muddied with claims that they effect things if they don't. Potential example: AI in this situation. Of course I'm happy to be proven wrong/told otherwise. Also what credibility is there on this platform/person sitting on the other side of the computer, to asses startup ideas? I'd do it if people like Sacca, Jason & co were tearing it apart. Another thing, lots of VCs invest in the teams and don't necessarily care about the idea. So this whole 'validating' process should be taken with a pinch of salt.
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@bentossell I was thinking the exact same thing about someone looking at all these ideas haha. It seems to be more of a market research service than a idea validating service. Either way, it is an interesting concept.
@thebriankidwell I mean I'd do it (sit on the other side I mean). Get to look at loads of different peoples ideas and say what you think. Guess that is kind of like my job here! I'd still want to know the credibility the feedback is coming from. Also would love to see what kind of feedback comes back. If it was a relatively detailed piece of info I could see it being valuable. I had the idea of making something similar where a user fills in a Typeform style form. Use many of the ideas and questions posed in @sama Startup Playbook and then have a detailed breakdown of what sections didn't quite hit the criteria or show a red flag. (all not to be taken as gospel of course). But for example if you had the "team questions" section... Q1. How long have you known and worked with your current team? - Your answer: A couple weeks... -> Red Flag ha. I still think something like that would be cool. Someone build it :) I'm happy to give my input if you want it!
@bentossell probably someone sitting in their office, validating ideas, is only 'artificially' intelligent ;)
@bentossell "Also what credibility is there on this platform/person sitting on the other side of the computer, to asses startup ideas" - I think that you can bring data to this segment. there are some ideas which you can just instantly say AVOID (e.g. building a dating site), or some segments which are very hot right now (e.g. Virtual Reality). VCs are very cyclical in general; so just being able to give some feedback if a market is hot or not, could be useful to some.
@_jacksmith But that is all down to the person's personal views. I'd say Avoid to another weather app/GIF app/Dating app but others would think differently. Any feedback from anyone could be useful yes but I'd much prefer to know that for my new dating app that matches people based on hand size gets told AVOID because Mr X and Mrs Y started something in the scene/have invested in dating apps for Z/etc etc. If you launched a dating app on a Product Hunt for Dating Apps, feedback there may be wow this angle is awesome, I need this as my hands are big etc. But a lot of that would be less useful. Most useful feedback a product/startup can get is constructive (if slightly negative) feedback. (that's my opinion)
Greetings, everyone. Test4startup has been created in collaboration with a Math department professor from a state technological university, whose experience in artificial intelligence development has served as the basis for the algorithm that assesses if an idea is promising enough. How the algorithm works 1. First of all, with the help of our algorithm we create the core of your idea and build up a pool of key words which helps us to define the market and to find the vector for further development. 2. The second step is defining trends with the help of news signals and other indicators which help us to capture the general picture of your market and find possible competitors. 3. At the third step of the algorithm we compare the information about your project with the data which we have received at the second step and make a list of recommendations for you. For example, if your price is too high, the algorithm will tell you how much it needs to be lowered to challenge the competitors.
@g___a hey!! Sounds like impressive work behind the scenes. In all honesty though I'm not sure this works in practice. If Mark Zuckerberg were to use this before starting Facebook, he would likely get an AVOID THIS IDEA. Similarly with other startups that we all know to love. I almost thing that the human aspect that I assumed was the case in my previous comments is a better indicator of feedback and whether an idea is good or not. Is pricing always accounted for? Lots of startups don't have paid models yet, but are growing rapidly so I'm keen to see what happens for something in this case.
@bentossell Thank you very much for your advice!)
@bentossell @g___a Mark Zuckerberg also sought advice from analysts;)
@sorokin_fast @g___a didn't say anything about that... just said if he were to put the idea for Facebook into this algorithm, I imagine the outcome would've been that it wasn't a promising idea
@bentossell @sorokin_fast Maybe you're right! But the main purpose of the algorithm - is to gather good intelligence, and provide a lot of interesting data on the market. The decision whether the idea is good or not accept its founder)
How does it use AI if it takes 24 hours? Seems like more of a human process than machine.
@danrubins It's probably like Operator and other AI powered things; having a hybrid of AI and human interaction whilst they get started, and then ramping down the human component over time.
@danrubins Hi, thanks for your review!) All work on the collection and analysis of data holds the algorithm. A man collects in a single report.