Test Anywhere

A cloud service that helps test your website

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Hi guys! I'm creator of TestAnywhere. We are trying to automate website and web application testing, make this proccess more transparent and less time consuming. And also make it available for non-coders. You can create test flows with our visual test builder (Chrome App). Schedule tests to run over period of time. And if something goes wrong you will be notified via email or slack with detailed report. Also we record video replay of every failed test to make it easier to fix. We use phantomjs and webkit to run tests, so it emulates user interaction with website pretty accurately.
@ Good hunt. I've been trying this out myself a few days ago and it works very well. Just to recap - it's a visual editor to create automated bug testing flows. Works as a Chrome app. Sends notifications to Slack and email.
Looks really awesome! Amazing experience for non-code people to cover web app with basic tests. I like it.
Second @ramtorn here. Like the clean design and the fact you can build flows... and Slack integration.
I've seen several competitors get acquired over the years and that's definitely a sign of value in the product. @igor_pashynnyk like the simplicity and clean design. Kudos for Slack integration. How do you compare to Monkey Test It? There were on PH just a few days back.
@ramtorn Thanks for your feedback! As for Monkey Test It, we are focused on testing specific test flows like registration, login processes, checkout etc. It is more about functional and integrational testing.